You have found your way to my website because you have lost something - a person, a place, a thing, a circumstance - and I offer my condolences as you grieve what used to be. We grieve because we lost something that impacted us, something that had a significant place in our lives - something that mattered to us, that gave our lives shape and meaningGrief is the great equalizer - we become members of this club multiple times over the course of our lives, whether we want to belong or not. In order to process the loss, we must allow ourselves to grieve, and everybody grieves differently; there are no rules or timekeepers, and your experience of grief is as unique as your thumbprint.

Examples of life experiences that can trigger grief:

the loss of a job
a geographic move
a breakup
the loss of physical abilities
pet loss
physiological changes associated with menopause
losing (or gaining) a significant amount of weight
existential anxiety associated with climate change

Along with other forms of support, grief coaching is a useful tool for helping you integrate these losses into your life, find your footing, and move forward into your new landscape.

I will never minimize or talk you out of your feelings, pretend that everything is okay, or exhort you to be "further along" in your grief than you are. My objective is to be an insightful, creative, and supportive thought partner as you begin taking steps towards renewing your outlook and recreating your life despite the loss you have experienced and the ensuing grief that has found its way to your doorstep.

I have been where you are. I, too, have navigated and grieved many profound losses.